Current and voltage instrument transformers

Voltage and current instrument transformers are using for reducing the primary values to the values suitable for the operation of measuring equipment, protection relays and automation devices. Using of these instrument transformers are necessary for human safety because high and low voltage circuits are disconnected. In addition, they make it possible to standardize the configuration of protection and automation devices.

Advantages and distinctive properties

Oil instrument transformers:

• Oil current transformers up to 420 kV,
• Capacitive voltage transformers up to 420 kV,
• Capacitive voltage transformers of 750 kV,
• Inductive oil transformers up to 420 kV

Features and benefits:

• Hermetic construction ;
• High seismic resistance ;
• Stainless steel, aluminum and / or hot-dip galvanized metal parts ;
• Durability in extreme weather conditions ;
• Long service life ;
• Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz ;
• Standards: TSE, IEC, ANSI, GOST, BS&AS and other standards on request;
• Insulators: porcelain or polymer ;
• Insulating oil: Mineral oil according to standards;
• Does not require maintenance ;
• No special tools, parts to be repaired or spare parts required.
Transformers with epoxy resin insulation
– Current and voltage transformers of internal design up to 40.5 kV
– Current and voltage transformers of external design up to 72.5 kV

Features and benefits:

• A wide range of designs for optimal compliance with customer needs;
• Cast resin of high dielectric strength;
• Very high accuracy (up to 0.1%), which remains unchanged throughout the service life of the equipment;
• Possibility to change the transformation coefficient of the primary or secondary circuit;
• Ability to implement a wide range of source path lengths according to customer requirements;
• Excellent performance in extreme climatic conditions: under the influence of UV radiation; at an altitude of more than 1000 m above sea level; in an environment with a high concentration of salt or contaminated medium; during seismic oscillations, etc .;
• Compact design that facilitates transportation;
• No maintenance required. No need to replace parts during a long service life;
• Vertical or horizontal installation;
• The materials used to make transformers are weatherproof, recyclable and meet all environmental requirements.

Communication capacitors

Ongoing modernization of power transmission lines requires uninterrupted operation of dispatcher communication networks between service stations. Transmission of data on temperature measurements, breaker trip, relay operation, and other parameters is required. The main element of transmission of such information is high-voltage capacitors separating communication equipment from high voltage 50 Hz. Thus, high-frequency signals are transmitted unobstructed through communication channels. 

A wide range of the offered products allows to satisfy any needs of the customer. The main differences depend on the purpose of capacitors, nominal voltage and method of external insulation:

  • communication capacitor in porcelain, reinforced or unreinforced shell;
  • in composite shell;
  • in metal case;
  • with explosion protection;
  • reinforced;
  • suspended;
  • capacitive voltage dividers..

Communication capacitors are a major component of the following equipment:

  • voltage dividers;
  • capacitive voltage transformers;

High-Frequency stoppers 35-750 kV

High-frequency stoppers are used to organize communication channels of appropriate frequency on power lines. Any barrier is high-frequency:

  • prevents signal loss of the appropriate frequency;
  • blocks high-frequency signals from other sources;
  • keeps the frequency setpoint on the power line, despite the operating mode of the distribution equipment.

Високочастотний загороджувач The high-frequency stopper has the option of tuning the functional frequencies in the desired range. Thus, the HF stopper can tune to the blocking in different ranges

To increase the mechanical resistance of the stopper, its main elements are made of stainless steel, which, in comparison with textolite or glass-textolite, reliably protects the supporting structure of the device from the effects of atmospheric factors.

In addition, the high-frequency choke from Elektrofarfor 2000 is made of special wire, which allows you to reduce the weight of the device, as well as significantly decrease the losses associated with its heating.

Rigid busbar

Our company offers a high quality rigid busbar, which is designed to connect complex high-voltage equipment, which may differ in technical characteristics and purpose. 

The rigid busbar is designed for standard AC currents of 50 or 60 Hz in networks with nominal voltages up to 5000 A and voltage classes ranging from 35 to 750 kV. 

Connecting elements unique in terms of reliability – molded tyre holders with flexible ties – are designed for the following purposes: 

  • connection of tires to each other;
  • connection to equipment; 
  • creating a reliable electrical contact between the conductive parts.

In switchgear with rigid busbars, the use of cast-in fasteners compensates for temperature deformations and effectively inhibits wind resonance oscillations. The use of molded busbar holders also helps to reduce the negative effects of mechanical stresses occurring in the connection nodes. 

All components are made of strong and durable aluminum material, ensuring a long service life. In addition, the busbar is reliably protected against corrosion and deformation through sharp fluctuations in ambient temperature and mechanical impact. Deliveries are made by us at an affordable price. The company offers its customers individual orders and long-term cooperation.

High voltage insulators

High-voltage insulators are indispensable elements for the creation of high-performance and safe energy system. Electric insulator reliably fixes the conductors of power lines and creates the best conditions for the operation of the power system, especially since the company Elektrofarfor 2000 guarantees a high quality of products.

Porcelain, glass and polymer insulators are designed for the voltage of 35 kV to 750 kV and have the protection against the influence of adverse weather conditions. You get access to a wide assortment of equipment for energy networks, which has already proved its competitiveness in the market and has a reasonable price.

For the organization of a stable and safe electrical supply system, it is necessary to use only high quality and reliable components. Insulator from the company Elektrofarfor – necessary design, which firmly fastens the darts of the electric power transmission lines, switchgears and other current-carrying elements of electrical installations.

Types of insulators

Insulators are structurally composed of a metal casing with provided places for fixing the wire and insulating parts, which can be made of different materials.  Among the most widespread there are:

  • porcelain (ceramic) – are the most popular due to the relatively low price and high reliability. They are made of special silicate porcelain, designed for a long time of use;
  • glass – high-voltage insulators made of special carbonized glass, have small dimensions as compared with porcelain insulators, but high mechanical strength;
  • polymer – modern and durable insulators of electric power transmission, which are made of special silastic, resistant to moisture, natural erosion and other uncomfortable factors of the environment.

High-voltage insulator from the company Elektrofarfor 2000 – a lightweight and durable product, which is designed to work under the voltage from 35 kV to 750 kV. We guarantee the quality and provide the best conditions for the purchase of goods that will make your power system really high quality.

High-voltage insulators are indispensable elements for the creation of a highly efficient and safe energy system. Electric insulator reliably fixes wires and creates the best conditions for the operation of the energy system, especially since the company Elektrofarfor guarantees a high quality of products.

Porcelain, glass and polymer insulators are designed for the voltage from 35 kV to 750 kV and have protection against adverse weather conditions. You get access to a wide range of national equipment for energy networks, which has already proved its competitiveness in the market and has a democratic price.

Polymer insulators

Modern and safe technologies in the field of electric power supply are polymer insulators, which take into account and correct the shortcomings of the previous models. They are based on composite materials and have the following advantages:

  • lower weight in comparison with porcelain and glass products;
  • hydrophobic cover that protects resistance to electrical tension;
  • easy assembly procedure;
  • resistance to the manifestations of vandalism;
  • minimal level of electro-noise.

Polymer insulators LK 70 10, 70 20 and other models have an increased level of reliability, and also be supporting-strength, flow-through and linear. This makes it possible to use a polymer insulator for any purpose without losing the reliability and efficiency of the equipment.

The company Elektrofarfor offers polymer insulators at acceptable prices and with a guarantee of quality. Domestic brand – a profitable supplier of insulators, the use of which improves the energy system and provides a continuous improvement of quality of the current.

Porcelain insulators

Ceramic insulator is used for fixing and quality insulation of current-conducting parts on the lines of power grids and communication. Special electro-technical porcelain is used for production, covered with a glazed layer and heated in the furnace.

Such equipment is divided into several types:

  1. Porcelain support insulators. They are used to secure bars and conductors in switchgear and appliances. Usually, they have a rod structure that binds the porcelain bodies together to achieve the required resistance to electrical voltages.
  2. Porcelain bushing insulators. Such elements eliminate electric current outflow and hold it in potentially weak transition points. They are used when laying conductors through walls and introducing voltage to equipment, in particular transformers, circuit breakers and other components of the power system.

Elektrofarfor ensures guaranteed quality of porcelain insulators due to the constant production control capacities. You get a reliable and safe product that enhances your energy system and contributes to its correct operation.

High voltage BUSHINGS

High voltage bushings – a specific equipment, which is designed for the voltage class from 35 to 500 kV, are made with a nominal current of 630 to 3150 A.

According to the purpose, high-voltage bushings are divided into:

  • Bushings for transformers/reactors;
  • The linear (wall) bushings;
  • For cable connection of transformers.  

 The company Elektrofarfor 2000 can offer high-voltage bushings with RIP insulation, which consist of internal insulation – resin-impregnated electrical insulating paper and external insulation made of polymer or porcelain. 

High-voltage bushing with RIP insulation has these advantages:

  • low weight and reduced size make it easy to transport, assemble and maintain;
  • excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties;
  • environmentally friendly construction, oil- and gas-free design, eliminating the risk of explosion;
  • high efficiency and long service life.

High-voltage circuit breakers

High voltage breakers are used for protection of electrical distribution equipment or for switching this equipment under load. 

Switching using high voltage breakers can be done manually or remotely or automatically.


Types of high voltage breakers 

To buy a circuit breaker it is recommended to get acquainted with its classification. Today there are two main types of high-pressure circuit breakers:

  • vacuum;
  • sulfur hexafluoride.

High-voltage breakers of vacuum type are used for voltages up to 220 kV. The sulfur hexafluoride breakers are designed for voltages not exceeding 750 kV. 

High-voltage breakers with SF6 insulation from the company Elektrofarfor 2000 – a new generation of breakers, which provide quick and easy installation on site. In addition, they can be used even in very seismic, heavily polluted and low-temperature environments.

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