Surge arresters

Surge arresters are special electrical devices that are designed to protect the power equipment from voltages that are dangerous and could damage the power equipment. Once the arrester is installed in the network, due to built-in varistors it acts as an insulator under normal conditions and as a conductor under switching and lightning overvoltages, thus preventing damage as it takes the harmful effects of overvoltages upon itself.


The surge arrester from Elektrofarfor company can be porcelain or polymer, the characteristics of the device depend on it.  In any case, the products comply with domestic and international standards, so they show good performance in real conditions.

ELEKTROFARFOR 2000 supplies arresters that meet all requirements. Our products are specially designed for operation in all environmental conditions. The installed equipment successfully operates in areas with high levels of industrial atmospheric pollution, strong wind loads and extreme climatic conditions, in seismic and other zones requiring special protection.


Arc-suppression coils (ASCs or Petersen coils) are high-voltage electrical apparatus used in power plant and substation circuits. They are designed to prevent electric arcing when the circuit breakers are turned off, thus ensuring stability and longevity of the equipment.

Arc-suppression coils are divided into:

– Stepped;
– plunger;
– combined arc-suppression coils.

Among the advantages of arc-suppression coils are the following:

  • Compactness:
  • Small construction, suitable for limited space;
  • Can be used in complete substations.
  • Simplified configuration and connection diagram.
  • Cost-effective:
  • Reduced installation costs;
  • Saving the cost of using only one enclosure, one insulating fluid, one monitoring and protection device at a time.


Reactors are high-voltage electrical appliances that limit the short-circuit current and maintain a certain level of potential difference on the busbars of switchgear. Such devices are also used to limit the starting currents of synchronous motors and to increase the capacity of power transmission lines. Structurally, they are an inductor coil, on which the main potential difference drop occurs when the current-limiting reactor is short-circuited. By using a reactor, all undamaged lines are at a voltage close to their nominal value, which significantly improves the stability of the electrical equipment and simplifies its operation.

Power transmission by high voltage lines and cable systems is influenced by a number of factors, including system characteristics. This combination of factors determines the use of a particular type of reactor.

The company Elektrofarfor 2000 offers a range of reactors, among which the most common types can be distinguished:

  • Current limiting reactors;
  • Smoothing reactors;
  • Shunt reactors.

Among the advantages of the above reactors, we can mention:

  • high dynamic strength;
  • absence of noise effect;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • minimum maintenance requirements;
  • safety of human health and ecology.


Domestic disconnectors from Elektrofarfor company ensure safe performance of works on equipment. The range includes RDZ and RLND types of disconnectors with different characteristics and used in different conditions.

The equipment has a reliable mechanical principle of operation, which clearly demonstrates the de-energizing of certain areas of the power grid. Each disconnector is supplemented with a locking unit that prevents erroneous activation of disconnectors. Product compliance with current international and Ukrainian standards makes it possible to use disconnectors for permanent electrical systems for which reliability is important.

Power Transformers

Power transformers are used for the distribution and transmission of electrical energy. Depending on how they are used, power transformers are divided into the following types:

  • autotransformers, used for the connection of two high-voltage lines supporting 110, 220, 330, 400, 500, 750 kV voltage;
  • generator ones, used for transferring the high voltage capacity generated by power plants to the transmission network;
  • transformers for substations of main, distribution and industrial capacities, which reduce a 110-500 kV voltage to the level of 6-35 kV of local distribution systems, including the networks of industrial enterprises;
  • power plant auxiliary and starting transformers, which are designed to supply the high-voltage equipment of power plants;
  • Power transformers for special purpose, these include railway, earthing, furnace ones, etc.

Among the main characteristics of power transformers there are the capacity and coil voltage classes.

Bus supports

Our company offers high quality bus supports designed to support high-voltage power lines wires, aluminum pipes and other structures. All metal parts of constructions are made of ferrous metals and protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing. Rod insulator made by world industry leaders ZPE ZAPEL S. A. and LAPP INSULATORS GmbH serve as the basic element of supports. Comprehensive supply of products is available to consumers on reasonable terms and at a favorable cost. The company fulfills individual orders and is ready for cooperation on a regular basis.

Busbars – products of Elektrofarfor 2000 company’s own production. All of them are designed to fix and support of:

  • different types of wires;
  • high-frequency arresters;
  • suspended disconnectors;
  • rigid aluminum busbars;

The devices have universal characteristics. To avoid coronation of the upper segments of the supports, the voltage of 330-750 kV and in order to improve the spread of the electric field strength, screen rings made of aluminum alloy are installed throughout the height of the dielectric column.

According to the type of external insulation, there are two types of busbars:

  • porcelain – used in 35, 110, 150, 220, 220, 330, 400, 500 and 750 kV networks;
  • polymer ones – for 35, 110, 150, 220 and 330 kV networks.

All of them do not need additional anticorrosive coating and are used in AC networks with a frequency of 50 Hz. Equipment can be supplied complete with metal stand of welded or tube type, including a three-phase gantry.


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