Communication capacitors

Ongoing modernization of power transmission lines requires uninterrupted operation of dispatcher communication networks between service stations. Transmission of data on temperature measurements, breaker trip, relay operation, and other parameters is required. The main element of transmission of such information is high-voltage capacitors separating communication equipment from high voltage 50 Hz. Thus, high-frequency signals are transmitted unobstructed through communication channels. 

A wide range of the offered products allows to satisfy any needs of the customer. The main differences depend on the purpose of capacitors, nominal voltage and method of external insulation:

  • communication capacitor in porcelain, reinforced or unreinforced shell;
  • in composite shell;
  • in metal case;
  • with explosion protection;
  • reinforced;
  • suspended;
  • capacitive voltage dividers..

Communication capacitors are a major component of the following equipment:

  • voltage dividers;
  • capacitive voltage transformers;

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