Current and voltage instrument transformers

Voltage and current instrument transformers are using for reducing the primary values to the values suitable for the operation of measuring equipment, protection relays and automation devices. Using of these instrument transformers are necessary for human safety because high and low voltage circuits are disconnected. In addition, they make it possible to standardize the configuration of protection and automation devices.

Advantages and distinctive properties

Oil instrument transformers:

• Oil current transformers up to 420 kV,
• Capacitive voltage transformers up to 420 kV,
• Capacitive voltage transformers of 750 kV,
• Inductive oil transformers up to 420 kV

Features and benefits:

• Hermetic construction ;
• High seismic resistance ;
• Stainless steel, aluminum and / or hot-dip galvanized metal parts ;
• Durability in extreme weather conditions ;
• Long service life ;
• Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz ;
• Standards: TSE, IEC, ANSI, GOST, BS&AS and other standards on request;
• Insulators: porcelain or polymer ;
• Insulating oil: Mineral oil according to standards;
• Does not require maintenance ;
• No special tools, parts to be repaired or spare parts required.
Transformers with epoxy resin insulation
– Current and voltage transformers of internal design up to 40.5 kV
– Current and voltage transformers of external design up to 72.5 kV

Features and benefits:

• A wide range of designs for optimal compliance with customer needs;
• Cast resin of high dielectric strength;
• Very high accuracy (up to 0.1%), which remains unchanged throughout the service life of the equipment;
• Possibility to change the transformation coefficient of the primary or secondary circuit;
• Ability to implement a wide range of source path lengths according to customer requirements;
• Excellent performance in extreme climatic conditions: under the influence of UV radiation; at an altitude of more than 1000 m above sea level; in an environment with a high concentration of salt or contaminated medium; during seismic oscillations, etc .;
• Compact design that facilitates transportation;
• No maintenance required. No need to replace parts during a long service life;
• Vertical or horizontal installation;
• The materials used to make transformers are weatherproof, recyclable and meet all environmental requirements.

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