High-Frequency stoppers 35-750 kV

High-frequency stoppers are used to organize communication channels of appropriate frequency on power lines. Any barrier is high-frequency:

  • prevents signal loss of the appropriate frequency;
  • blocks high-frequency signals from other sources;
  • keeps the frequency setpoint on the power line, despite the operating mode of the distribution equipment.

Високочастотний загороджувач The high-frequency stopper has the option of tuning the functional frequencies in the desired range. Thus, the HF stopper can tune to the blocking in different ranges

To increase the mechanical resistance of the stopper, its main elements are made of stainless steel, which, in comparison with textolite or glass-textolite, reliably protects the supporting structure of the device from the effects of atmospheric factors.

In addition, the high-frequency choke from Elektrofarfor 2000 is made of special wire, which allows you to reduce the weight of the device, as well as significantly decrease the losses associated with its heating.

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