High voltage BUSHINGS

High voltage bushings – a specific equipment, which is designed for the voltage class from 35 to 500 kV, are made with a nominal current of 630 to 3150 A.

According to the purpose, high-voltage bushings are divided into:

  • Bushings for transformers/reactors;
  • The linear (wall) bushings;
  • For cable connection of transformers.  

 The company Elektrofarfor 2000 can offer high-voltage bushings with RIP insulation, which consist of internal insulation – resin-impregnated electrical insulating paper and external insulation made of polymer or porcelain. 

High-voltage bushing with RIP insulation has these advantages:

  • low weight and reduced size make it easy to transport, assemble and maintain;
  • excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties;
  • environmentally friendly construction, oil- and gas-free design, eliminating the risk of explosion;
  • high efficiency and long service life.

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