High-voltage circuit breakers

High voltage breakers are used for protection of electrical distribution equipment or for switching this equipment under load. 

Switching using high voltage breakers can be done manually or remotely or automatically.


Types of high voltage breakers 

To buy a circuit breaker it is recommended to get acquainted with its classification. Today there are two main types of high-pressure circuit breakers:

  • vacuum;
  • sulfur hexafluoride.

High-voltage breakers of vacuum type are used for voltages up to 220 kV. The sulfur hexafluoride breakers are designed for voltages not exceeding 750 kV. 

High-voltage breakers with SF6 insulation from the company Elektrofarfor 2000 – a new generation of breakers, which provide quick and easy installation on site. In addition, they can be used even in very seismic, heavily polluted and low-temperature environments.

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