Power Transformers

Power transformers are used for the distribution and transmission of electrical energy. Depending on how they are used, power transformers are divided into the following types:

  • autotransformers, used for the connection of two high-voltage lines supporting 110, 220, 330, 400, 500, 750 kV voltage;
  • generator ones, used for transferring the high voltage capacity generated by power plants to the transmission network;
  • transformers for substations of main, distribution and industrial capacities, which reduce a 110-500 kV voltage to the level of 6-35 kV of local distribution systems, including the networks of industrial enterprises;
  • power plant auxiliary and starting transformers, which are designed to supply the high-voltage equipment of power plants;
  • Power transformers for special purpose, these include railway, earthing, furnace ones, etc.

Among the main characteristics of power transformers there are the capacity and coil voltage classes.

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