Reactors are high-voltage electrical appliances that limit the short-circuit current and maintain a certain level of potential difference on the busbars of switchgear. Such devices are also used to limit the starting currents of synchronous motors and to increase the capacity of power transmission lines. Structurally, they are an inductor coil, on which the main potential difference drop occurs when the current-limiting reactor is short-circuited. By using a reactor, all undamaged lines are at a voltage close to their nominal value, which significantly improves the stability of the electrical equipment and simplifies its operation.

Power transmission by high voltage lines and cable systems is influenced by a number of factors, including system characteristics. This combination of factors determines the use of a particular type of reactor.

The company Elektrofarfor 2000 offers a range of reactors, among which the most common types can be distinguished:

  • Current limiting reactors;
  • Smoothing reactors;
  • Shunt reactors.

Among the advantages of the above reactors, we can mention:

  • high dynamic strength;
  • absence of noise effect;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • minimum maintenance requirements;
  • safety of human health and ecology.

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