We are responsible for the quality of products we sell.
We build and maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners.
We keep a high level of client-oriented at all stages of work and create a personalized approach to each project.
For 10+ years we have successfully implemented more than 700 projects in 15 regions and 47 substations, as well as implemented a great number of projects for the supply of equipment for the needs of all operating nuclear power plants of Ukraine.

Our partners



Review by SVS Dnipro

We’ve been cooperating with the company Electrofarfor 2000 LLC since 2009. During this time, the company Electrofarfor 2000 has established itself as a stable enterprise and a reliable business partner. Due to the main principle of the company’s work — creating partnerships with clients based on cooperation and professionalism — in the future we are planning to expand and strengthen our partnership. Until now, we have been fruitfully working with Electrofarfor 2000 LLC, so we recommend it as a reliable supplier of quality products, we look forward to further cooperation.

Review by Horos

During our cooperation, Electrofarfor 2000 LLC proved to be a reliable partner and a professional united team aimed at achieving great results. The style of work of Electrofarfor 2000 LLC is distinguished by a professional approach to solving complex problems, thorough work, deep knowledge in its industry and respectful attitude towards its clients.
Taking into account the positive experience of our cooperation, we recommend Electrofarfor 2000 LLC as a reliable partner who always strictly fulfills its obligations and guarantees the high quality of its work.
We wish the team of Electrofarfor 2000 LLC further success, dynamic development and stability.

Review by SOYUZ

The management of SOYUZ Corporation expresses sincere gratitude to the management and the team of Electrofarfor 2000 LLC, as an official partner of leading international manufacturers of high-voltage equipment and as a manufacturer, for fruitful cooperation for over 12 years.
In the course of their activity, the company’s specialists have confirmed their highest professional level and efficiency in resolving various issues. The team of the company is qualified and friendly. All orders were successfully completed on time and in full. We look forward to further cooperation and recommend Electrofarfor 2000 LLC as a reliable partner and supplier of guaranteed high quality products.

Review by Azenko

The company Electrofarfor 2000 LLC has been our partner in the supply of electrical products since 2016.
Employees of Electrofarfor 2000 LLC have repeatedly confirmed their highest professional level, competence and activity in solving the assigned tasks. All works were carried out on time within a clearly defined time frame with proper quality and compliance with all standards.
We express our deep gratitude for your cooperation and look forward to a long and fruitful interaction with your company.

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