Rigid busbar

Our company offers a high quality rigid busbar, which is designed to connect complex high-voltage equipment, which may differ in technical characteristics and purpose. 

The rigid busbar is designed for standard AC currents of 50 or 60 Hz in networks with nominal voltages up to 5000 A and voltage classes ranging from 35 to 750 kV. 

Connecting elements unique in terms of reliability – molded tyre holders with flexible ties – are designed for the following purposes: 

  • connection of tires to each other;
  • connection to equipment; 
  • creating a reliable electrical contact between the conductive parts.

In switchgear with rigid busbars, the use of cast-in fasteners compensates for temperature deformations and effectively inhibits wind resonance oscillations. The use of molded busbar holders also helps to reduce the negative effects of mechanical stresses occurring in the connection nodes. 

All components are made of strong and durable aluminum material, ensuring a long service life. In addition, the busbar is reliably protected against corrosion and deformation through sharp fluctuations in ambient temperature and mechanical impact. Deliveries are made by us at an affordable price. The company offers its customers individual orders and long-term cooperation.

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