Surge arresters

Surge arresters are special electrical devices that are designed to protect the power equipment from voltages that are dangerous and could damage the power equipment. Once the arrester is installed in the network, due to built-in varistors it acts as an insulator under normal conditions and as a conductor under switching and lightning overvoltages, thus preventing damage as it takes the harmful effects of overvoltages upon itself.


The surge arrester from Elektrofarfor company can be porcelain or polymer, the characteristics of the device depend on it.  In any case, the products comply with domestic and international standards, so they show good performance in real conditions.

ELEKTROFARFOR 2000 supplies arresters that meet all requirements. Our products are specially designed for operation in all environmental conditions. The installed equipment successfully operates in areas with high levels of industrial atmospheric pollution, strong wind loads and extreme climatic conditions, in seismic and other zones requiring special protection.

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